Monday, October 8, 2012

Thrift Shopping

My friend Jane and I went thrift shopping yesterday. Our closest Salvation Army has closed and the other one was closed. I need to find out if they are permanently closed as well. We checked out two Goodwills and here's what I got:

Petmate animal carrier- $5

Russ Handpainted Rooster - $2

Dolphin Teakwood Cheese Plate $5

I cannot find any information about the Russ rooster. There are two different ones in Ebay, so I'm guessing it was part of a series or a set. I had originally thought about repainting it, but it just needs some cleaning and it'll be good to display. Who knows, maybe I'll find more of these and get a set going. I really don't want to spend $20 for the ones on Ebay when I spent $2 on this!

I can't find much on the cheese plate either, just other listings labeling them as "vintage". It's in good condition, just a tiny scratch on the plate part.

The Petmate carrier will be perfect in case I need to separate one of the chickens or take a rabbit to the vet.

Total $12 before tax.

Jane found a cream Tupperware Serving Center for $3. I told her that if she didn't buy it, I was going to. It was in near perfect condition!